Origins of This Game

Tackling the sustainability pillar, our team was inspired to create a web application whose goal is to spread awareness of the climbing death toll of koalas as a result of the devastating Australian wildfires.


As a civilian escaping the wildfires, you need to catch all the koalas before you evacuate!


Use your keyboard left and right arrows to control the basket and catch the koalas from the wildfires! But, be careful because you only have three lives!

Team Byte Me

Han Pham

I am a first year at CSULB studying Computer Science. I am super passionate about incoporating art and code into an interactive space! Aside participating in many code related things, I love painting, journaling, and drawing.

Nathan Lai

A freshman student at csulb exploring the field of cs. Thinks giraffes are cool.

Githel Suico

A first year CS student at CSULB. Apart of my university’s Women in Computing where we collaborate with other students to build cool projects. I love film photography and sleep.

Isabella Paine

I am a first year from UC San Diego studying applied mathematics. Other than coding, I enjoy exploring San Diego with my friends.

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